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Slide You may think that chickenpox is just a fever and rash. However, it can be dangerous for your child. Find out more below!

Slide Going back to school was no fun for Sam because he caught chickenpox. Just a fever and rash, right? Not quite. Will she be too late..? Back To School More than Just an Itch Amy's mum is determined to protect Amy against chickenpox after hearing about it on the radio. No Show, Just Spots The Little Tots concert is cancelled because Amy has infected all of her friends with chickenpox. But one little boy escaped. See what happens to Sam Find out how he did it

Slide Amy caught chickenpox! She shares her symptoms, possible complications and an important message for mums. Click to read! The Fun Chickenpox Guide

Slide Dr Yong Junina, Consultant Paediatrian and Paediatric Cardiologist gives her take on chickenpox infection that commonly occurs in young children. Watch her here! My Unforgettable Itch
Amy has an important message to share with all the parents out there. Watch her video here! The Expert Weighs In Chickenpox, a Danger to Babies and Young Children A mum shares her child's ordeal with chickenpox. Watch her video here!

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