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Slide ROTAVIRUS is highly contagious and is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea in young children. The good news is your child does not have to go through this!

Slide Dr Poo, the baby poo expert explains what rotavirus can do to your baby's gut! Click to see his story! How Does Rotavirus Affect Your Baby's Gut?

Slide Amelia sees something on the news that makes her very worried for her newborn. See what Amelia learns! Why You Should Be Concerned About Rotavirus Diarrhoea

Slide Carmen's baby had bad diarrhoea. Dr Poo has some advice for Carmen and all the mums out there! Click to see his advice! How Bad Can The Rotavirus
Diarrhoea Get?

Slide What's normal poo, what's not, and why is rotavirus dangerous for your baby? Click to find out more! One stop guide for your
baby's poo

Slide Dr Poo explains the dangers of rotavirus. Also featured on his show are two babies that are eager to share their horrible experience with rotavirus!
Watch Dr Poo’s show here Dr Poo’s Rotavirus Show with Babies Hani & Ben

Slide Baby Daniel was hospitalised with the nasty rotavirus. Read his story here Rotavirus Diarrhoea Put My Baby's Life In Danger

Slide Dr Yong Junina, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist gives her take on rotavirus infection that commonly occurs in young children. Watch her here The Expert Weighs In

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