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Slide Rotavirus and chickenpox are two common but often underestimated childhood diseases. Give your child the best protection he or she deserves. Baby’s Protection Begins with You

One Less Worry

It all begins at the time of conception. Every decision a mother makes, is what is best for her baby. Find out how you can protect your baby from rotavirus & chickenpox, two commonly underestimated diseases.

Rotavirus – What New Mums Should Know

Motherhood is a new journey so full of surprises; The good news is you can prevent the unpleasant ones. Find out how you can protect your baby from the nasty rotavirus that is responsible for most of the severe diarrhoea episodes in babies.

Rotavirus & Chickenpox – Taken Too Lightly

Dr Yong Junina, Consultant Paediatrician & Paediatric Cardiologist gives her take on rotavirus and chickenpox infections that commonly occur in young children.

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